Minggu, 14 November 2010

Sunday charity.

I came around to charity concert in hard rock cafe EX named 'Senandung untuk Negeri' (14th Nov '10). I'd like to share bout this concert but now im in my wake limit time so i'll share some of 'em.

calmy-eagle-eyed waiter.

Hot thou. That's why i like to make him come around. :P

 stuffs people next to me.
I don't know who are they but i guess they're some group from a media. But what i like that some of them are still bring books in this kind of occasion. Don't judge what they read, i just appreciate it. :)
Oh then i remember, this stuffs belong to a man, a photographer. and some belong to the cool girl with leather jacket. -randomizing my writing. :P

Teeth-wings man.
A man sat after me. Quietly watching the show from a bar. Then i attracted to his wings-a-like tee. So i captured his back. It looked good in my bare eyes, but when i see this pic, why it looks like wings made from a teeth? -please don't mind it. :D

Oukay, seems my wake limit was already over minutes ago. So, see you later. Have a fine Monday!

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