Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013


I have no inspirator. I don't know what I want in life. I do have dreams. I do living some of them. But I have no current muse to follow.

When some little soul comes to you and said, "Sister, you're so cool, I want to be a teacher like you," tell me how to not melting. My little sister she is. She was just stepped 5 years old at that moment she said that. It probably because she saw so many letters my kids gave me at my bday.

Maybe she want to have that kind of attention. Maybe she just love that.

Then I came to Wae Rebo in Flores, NTT, for my work. As usual, my birth gift maybe is to be a teacher. I just love talked to kids, and they simply like it.

One little boy came to me, asked, "What do you do for living?" I smiled, "Smart qs, dear". He insisted, "What do you do?", "A journalist," I answer.

"What is that? So you write everything, so you take a lot of picture?" he said so because he saw me doing that kind of things a whole day.

"Yes, and that job take me to see the world. I didn't know that I could be here, talk to you, exploring Wae Rebo with my eyes. But since its my work, it take me here, and any other place on earth" I said.

"Cool" he nodded his head

"You know what the best part of it? I'm sharing the news, the knowledge, the view I've seen, all the beautiful things,"

"You share happiness?"


"Exploring other place, giving good news. Maybe I want to be like you"

"You'll be, dear. You'll be"