Minggu, 25 April 2010

Its about 2 males: woman's option: life needed.

I have a story told by a friend. Its about two males that arguing their types of future woman or we simply named as wife. 1st male definite that a woman must be independent, smart, active and dynamic. Lets make it simple: he likes a career woman. While 2nd male explain the opposite. A woman have to be a good mother which it take her to be at home,full time, in order to watch and assist their kids grow up. Because, to him, there's nothing can be more important than mother's appearance in every step of kid's life terms.
And here we come the debate:
1st male: it sure won't be a problem if mother has her own career. Because if she smart, she would be dynamic. In this case, she could use her skilled brain to make some dynamic method to divide and combine career life and motherhood life.
2nd male: he still believe that the best place on earth for mother is in home. For him, what's been said by 1st male were just a bunch of theories that won't work in reality, at all. 'cause once you love your career life, there will be no place big enough for other things to be taken care of.

The debating seems everlasting and they're still on their own beliefs and opinions.
While am here write down their debate, being some what unintended moderator, I'll have couple words to share. Important to mention, this is my independent opinion, no judgment at all.

A girl was born to be a woman, can't deny it. But, its her choices whether she gonna be a mom or not. And if she chooses to be a mom, its also her choices how to live their motherhood life.
I saw many of career moms that have a great kids but not less of them that also have careless kids. It happens too with full time moms.
What am trying to say here is whatever a mother will be: full time career mom, part time career-home mom, full time home mom, it wont be a problem. Because it her choice AND her responsibility choose a way how to grow their kids into great kids (together with husband,for sure). Beside, there will always be a risk in every option.
There's a quote taken from a film titled Motherhood '..because dads only do something and moms do everything. -clara'
there, i believe that mom can be everything she wants and still can be a good mother.

Back to that 2 males, i kept myself on thinking, why did they couldn't find any good same solution while i choose to give woman their own option. i finally realized that they have different background.
1st male live in a world where work is a must, that turned him into a workaholic. Where deadlines changes into datelines, where problems become the most fun adrenaline-burst, where loads of papers looks like bunch of the most interesting literature works. Where idle don't exist in his dictionary,because life told him to.
2nd male already lived in some what self-centered working family. Where gathering is just hard like hell, where love is cost by a thing not by the appearance, where house just become a terminal to reload things, not a place to live together.

That is why they keep arguing and find no same solution. Life makes them to choose who fits them the best.