Rabu, 17 November 2010

The charity.

And here i come again in Eid Adha, craving for any food but that goat thing. Enuff with goat. So i'll tell you bout "Senandung untuk Negeri" concert days ago. 

I came about 12pm and the crowd was good, media stays calmly in one row while other are watching nicely in bars and tables. 
Here's some pics that represent of this event. Enjoy!

Here's the early concert crowd.
I was sit on the left side bar and calmly enjoy the band who has good-guitar-man. He looks like having his own world when he plays the melody. He blink, smile and murmuring himself.

That good-guitar-man.

The chaplin.
An oldie-looks band named the chaplin was singing 'cinta satu malam' song by melinda, which makes me die laugh cause my mate, Rani is usually been bullying by us to that song. Nice re-arransement.

Diva of that night.

The cash -w/o Desta.
Two stupidy funny boys who try to hang on without their drummer. Impact: they're only sung a minute song with one key, C. LOL.

 proudly present: Slank!
It was a good wave when Kaka screaming and jumping to the stage. I love the way he sing, I love the way he scream, I love the way he dance. I love the way he love his world. 
Kaka dance along when melodic takes over.


The crowd inside the bar. (slank impact) :)

The next mesmerizing show: /rif!
I do really falling for Andi /rif. He was grreeaat. His voice's great, his move's great, his soul's great! He's really representing the quote of: 'working with your heart'. The way he smile when he smells the air, the way he move, the way he looked up his imaginary heaven above him, the way he sing out loud, shows that he really enjoy for being there and being him.He's really having his worgasm period. :D

No wonder he affect others to join that happiness.
There were kuburan band personils down there. Jumping and screaming around, make some funny noises and invite people to jump together with em. There a lil girl with pinky headphone sitting on her dad's shoulder and enjoying /rif's performance. guuhhreaats. :))

The last scenery before I get home.
Since time's ticking carelessly, I finally have to get home cause it was kind of late and tom's working day with no excuses. By the time I get home, the charity reach to 300 billion rupiahs. A nice way to be sympathetic and care while you can still enjoy the fun. :)

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