Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Avatar: I see you

'Pandora, a world of wonder and mystery. incredible danger and strange beauty.'

I'm so fallin for Pandora. The amazing wild mesmerize planet with big light blue indigenous people. :)
They have light spots in their body, just like what Edward Cullen has. But the Na'vi has their own light pattern (so it's kind different, so why did i match them? *doh!).
The creatures also amaze me. Like the horses, a dire horse, it called pa’li and the fly animal, banshee or ikran.
I was so scared yet pissed off with the creature looks like half wolf and crazy dog. It's so damned aggressive, and it's shocked me cause it comes at the early scene.

I mostly like the forrest on night. All went lighten up when it touched or stepped. The ground, the leafs, even the lizard that spin around and light on.

The people, the big blue light spotted people has strong characteristic. The feeling that shown up are strong and somehow influenced you. When they mad or sad, happy or angry. Wild and strong.
'I see you'-as i write at the headline- is one meaningful sentence that meaning.. *oh it gonna spend many words and I'm not in a mood to write that much. So, better watch it by yourself. find it! :)

About the film, moral of the story is outlanders (who know nothing about their new point target) are the most incredibly stupid destructive person.
They only know (and care) about their target that placed in that certain area. They don't know (and don't care) about what or who stay and live there. The houses, sacred place, the tribes and their history.
I sudden remembered about the Indian people who welcoming the European with thanksgiving, and the European ended it with the huge mass annihilation of Indian people.
Also the aborigines. That have the same story as Indian. With the same performer: European.
okay, I'll stop it before it ends talking about European; why did they do that shamefully things?
okay. stop it. :)

I'm sure enuff that there will be many reviews of this movie, soon.
It's WORTH FULLY to be watch.
So watch it and see how wonderful Pandora is. :)

Watch the view of Pandora here:

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