Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

In a Path of Mine

I always have my purest smile. It's because I never regret everything in my life. I simply step my foot to anywhere I feel I want to go. I taste everything I interested in. I do everything I take my curiousity at.

So when I heard or saw anything, I can say "Oh, I've been there doing that," with silly or happy smile on my face. Why's that? Because older people once told me, do anything before your life gets heavier. I take it as a ticket to ride!

I known couple grown ups people. I see regret on their eyes, I see missing soul, I heard chained words and so on. I don't want to be one of them. Like friend once said, "I wanna life my life out loud". Me too, my dear friend.

And as much I remember, I always take both chance and challenge. Thankfully, I souldn't have to do something against my will (Thank an ocean for that, my dear sweet God above). Without forgetting boundaries, I live my life freely.

I'm now count as a grown up ones. But still using my heart as a compass. I won't do something when my heart says no. But no offense, now logic take part too. Worry? Not at all. Cause my logic as friendly as my heart.

Last words? This is my happy life! :)

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