Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

What a sunday!

Its Sunday and I've been waken up by a friend who thought that we're a lover. It's okay, he's fun and we're just doin casual. So it's fine.:)
I woke up and turn on my playlist and turn up the volume, ready to dance along. 1st song of today is jason mraz - live high (sure, that's my fav for now). The song is soo fine yet so good. I got my mood booster and sing along. So comfyyy. Easy just like sunday morning. :)
My mind flow easily as guitar blend with his voice. So i got a nice life: fun job, pleased friends, blessed fam, great hang out hours, unusual problems and all that good.
What's best on today is that im going to meet my college pals. It's been months we haven't met. Im quite sure that today will be fine day. :)

I left this post for a while and as i read again, what's on my mind that time??
I just got a lil problem and i dont think that i got that nice life. (oh here comes the mood swinger girl)
Okay, over it.

happy sunday everyone. Please charge yourself up before facing the real world at monday. :)

(ayo jalan-jalan hari ini!:D)

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