Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

What to worry?

This recent day would be my lousy days. In fact that I've been disappointed by things that just not going well. I took my time to thought, mad, cried and regretted.
This issues not happen by just happened. It has its own messing-chain. A thing become worst, a people getting peeved and other human being just come and brought box of Pandora. It just perfect.

May 16th should be my continued lowest-term-in-my-life part. It started with traffic in Kemang. We (me and Rani) decided to have late dinner in KFC cause they have nice spot above. 
This is our after meal pic, I can't get the complete meal cause, i just didn't remember. I forgot things nowadays.

This is the moment when i tried to put smile on my face. It took like million times to made this. And voila it still didn't worked. So i made that jellyfish-face-look-a-like instead a simple smile.~

I don't know why i keep listening to Coldplay - fix you, when i trapped in lower term. Maybe it because the drama queen thing. The lyric and Christ Martin's voice are such perfect combination to collect forgotten tears. When you try too hard to forget or when you try way too far to ignore, this song is a soft killing alarm to reminder.
And now im blaming that song which hiding my smile in I-don't-know-where.
Here's couple snapshots proving that my smile has been stolen by Coldplay.  

I don't remember what was on my phone that makes me looked like seein hell there. On 2nd pic, it's a snapshot where i looked up to find out a noise above but what i see right now is me lookin up to a God wishing desperately. Gohh, what a mess. 
Rani forced me to smile every time we took a picture but at the same time i just freeze without moving any muscle in my face. It keep going on and on until i finally got my smile back. 

We trapped between Ex and GI, stores are commonly closed, we looked around to find out where exactly the exit door. But in the way for finding the door, we found many interesting spots to be captured. Since our narcissism are high enough, we easily fit ourselves in spots and captured ourselves in unusual-usual poses. The photo session going so well, exception: a security man who scared us with his mystique voice, ask us to captured him and just went away after blitz touch his eyes. Rare though.

Here's couple result of our photo session:

By the end of the day I slowly realize that what we have done tonight is quite fun. I looked into tonight photo folder and found out that my smile's back. Then i sudden realize, what to worry, live your life happily baby! :))

What to worry?



2 komentar:

up_to_me mengatakan...

eh gw ngapa kagak ada yang cakep yang ditampilin...?!?!gimana eike mau dapet pacar (routine complaints)?!?!?!
haha... What To Worry...^_^

shafa mengatakan...

heh bawel aja loh biar sengaja gw masangnya yg lo jelek2 biar gak dapet pacar, biar bapuk bareng2 dong nyetii, enak aja lo punya pacar gua gak,, puih! hahaahaha